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Sub Contractor Application

Being a subcontractor with Core Developments NQ Pty Ltd involves a high level of understanding Core’s Pre requirements to provide a services to supply and deliver projects as a team. Core requires our Sub-Contractors to under take company inductions and pass the pre requisites to be a service provider.

It is in Core Developments NQ Pty Ltd best interest for all staff and contractors to join the success of the project delivery for its valued client base. Please fill out the below Form For our Administration Staff.

Core Developments NQ Pty Ltd has a strong belief that, as well as a legal responsibility; we have a moral responsibility to control the occupational health and safety of all people on this site.

To achieve our legal commitments we require you, as a self-employed person or an employer, to comply with the following items

  • The company ABN Number.
  • The QBSA registration number.
  • WorkCover Policy Number and currency.
  • Income protection or other relevant insurances.
  • Ensure your and your workers have received a General Construction Induction as prescribed under the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. Proof of attending an induction will be required on our sites.
  • Submit Work method Statements (WMS) and associated information to the Principal Contractor prior to any work. Show proof that your workers have read and understood the WMS
  • Ensure the all electrical equipment to be used on site has been tested and tagged in compliance with the Electrical Safety Regulation (3 monthly) and an electrical log book shall be kept on site at all times a worker is on site.
  • Supply a MSDS for all chemicals before they are used on site. This requirement will be a part of your Work Method Statements.  These sheets are available from the manufacturer through the supplier.
  • Notify the Principal Contractor of all injuries.
  • Ensure you and your workers have the correct and adequate personal protective equipment for the work that is carried out on the site.
  • Do not wilfully interfere with any equipment supplied for health and safety reasons by the Principal Contractor.
  • Notify the Principal Contractor and other contractors who may be affected by any work practices which you or your workers undertake.
  • Do not allow animals (including guard dogs) on site.

Under Section 31 of the Act, in particular subsections (2) & (3), the Principal Contractor has an obligation to ensure subcontractors work safely.  This can involve instructing a subcontractor to correct any unsatisfactory work practice.  If the sub contractor fails to correct the problem, the Principal Contractor must stop the sub contractor working until the problem is rectified.

To assist you to comply with the legislation, the Core Developments NQ Pty Ltd supervisor may carry out an inspection on your equipment and materials when you first arrive on site and then at regular intervals.

The Principal Contractor will also conduct a site-specific induction and tool box meetings at regular intervals, which you and you workers will be required to attend.  Safety meetings will be run as required by the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation with management and workers participation.

Your cooperation on these issues will assist in making a happier, healthier and safer workplace for all people to work.

Trade Works Contract Terms & Conditions   download-pdf-icon



By completing this form and submitting the following information you agree that this information is true and correct.