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“We are committed to the Centre of your future investment”

Introducing: Core Values Motivate and Dominate!

  1. Deliver Wow Through Service
  2. Embrace And Drive Change
  3. Create Fun
  4. Be Creative And Open-Minded
  5. Pursue Growth And Learning
  6. Build Open And Honest Relationships With Communication
  7. Build A Positive Team And Family Spirit
  8. Do More With Less
  9. Be Passionate And Determined
  10. Be Humble
Value Comprises Notes
Environmental responsibility ·         Environmental responsibility We make the most environmentally responsible choices and act in an environmentally responsible way.
Innovation ·         Innovation

·         Continuous improvement

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Customer Focus

·         Learning

·         Realism of Expectations


We have a continual focus on improvement and innovation– developing better, more reliable solutions to better meet our customers’ needs. We do so in ways that build upon existing learning and are businesslike and we are realistic in the expectations we set
Integrity ·         Integrity

·         Respect

·         Trust

·         Loyalty

·         Honesty

We act towards our customers, our staff, our suppliers and other stakeholders in a way in which we can be proud – treating others in a way we wish to be treated ourselves. We don’t avoid difficult conversations, but rather deliver difficult messages in an upfront way
Team ·         Team

·         Inclusiveness

·         Self-Reliance and Responsibility

·         Balance

·         Fun & Celebration

We value teamwork and team achievement, enjoying the achievements and efforts we make together. We accept responsibility for the individual commitments we have to the team and deliver upon them. We have high  but balanced expectations each other
Passion ·         Passion

·         Strength

·         Courage

·         Determination

·         Pride/Stability/Longevity

We meet challenges with passion, enthusiasm and determination and we drive to succeed now and in the longer term