Employee of the year


In July 1st 2014 one of Core Developments core people was nominated for employee of the year with the Townsville Chambers of Commerce. Chris Lowe was highly commended for showing his non-stop consistent effort and workmanship that Chris produces for Core Developments and all is Clients. Over the duration of the last 12 months Chris has independently worked himself into the position of a Project supervisor from a Tradesmen’s position. His attitude towards his approach to work has motivated himself and all staff around him including his managers. We believe that Chris is more than confident to participate in this awards program in his hard work should be recognised from a local prospective.

Duties that Chris undertakes on a day to day bases. are – Quoting and estimation – Performance management of staff – Allocation of Resources for project co-ordination – Reporting to upper management weekly – OH&S management and planning – Customer relations Please take this individual into consideration for the nomination Our Company would also be interested in the young business of the year. All our staff are 30 years and under on the exception of 1 senior staff member.”